This week, you will be asked to fill out two surveys/evaluations for this class. One comes to you via Email (I think) from the university.
The other I have made to help me better understand your experience in the class and better serve future students.

Tuesday: Precession
Before Class
  • Here is a precession video I made recently to explain precession. It's likely my most well-received video to date.
  • read 7.5 in your text about precession.
  • Please look over these activities on Gyroscope Worksheet. Can you try some of them?
  • Group project is due this weekend, Midnight Saturday night. Please post the website for your youtube video - make sure it's public so I can see it.
  • Please see Precession by Veritassium , a super professionally made video. You'll let me know if it's more helpful than my video.
  • Please see: Big Picture Rotation Video that includes precession.
  • See work on an inclined plane video.
    • Read 7.6 on two irrelevant equations and trigonometry that you are allowed to use now.
    • See Trigonometry Video , now you're allowed to use trigonometry, but remember you can also always draw a picture if you're not sure.
    • See 1D, 2D Kinematics Video and then you're allowed to use those two unhelpful (in my opinion) equations, although hopefully, you've realized by now that you can get along without them just fine.
    • Please fill out this short survey to let me understand how the course was for you.
    • People asked to see a copy of an old final exam. I won't do that, but I will tell you that I've changed the order of topics after Spring 2016, so if you go to my general class website and look at MT#2 from Spring 2016 and earlier, there are plenty of problems that have components in them, representative of what you might expect to find on the final exam.

In Class

After Class

Thursday: Bring your bike to class day!! Please bring your bike with you.

Before Class
See Bicycle Transmission, and do the corresponding problem on

In Class:
  • Falling off a ladder.