Before Class

Some more study resources:

During Class
  • After class, please come to the Development Showcase: 7-9 in Chumash... free food!
  • Discussion, demos, preparation

Wednesday, Midterm #2

Solutions posted for PS#6 on main class website.
The midterm will cover everything we've done up until now. The material since MT#1 will be focused on. However, of course everything from before will be necessary to understand the more recent material.

Thursday: 2D mechanics (no trig).

We have done linear mechanics in a straight line and rotational mechanics. Now we will introduce components, angles, and trigonometry and spend the last three weeks reviewing the same curriculum with the inclusion of angles. This is a great opportunity to improve conceptual knowledge.

Before class
  • It's 12:20 AM. I finished grading the first question. I'm posting my comments and updating them as I go along. Please check the MT#2 comments on the main class website. I'm going to bed now and I'll pick it up in the morning. I updated with Question #2 at 8 AM. Finished at 2 PM. Come to office hours to see your exam if you like.
  • Redo the MT#2 in fine form. The exam is posted on the main website along with some intended to be helpful hints. Please do all 6 problems and the extra questions I added to a few.
  • PS#8 has been posted, please take a look. as soon as possible I may make a few minor changes/additions.
  • Notes for final exam - don't let your formula sheet get any longer. As we add a few (very few) new formulas, you will want to drop others that are obvious to you now.
  • Watch Intro Video to 2 Dimensions (3.8 minutes)
  • See the video on estimating vector components (1.5 minutes)
  • See the video on 2D Components of Force (8.5 minutes)
  • See 2-D kinematics (3.5 minutes)
  • Watch this famous music video... how did they make that video? I mean, do you love it? You've seen it already, right?
  • Read 7.0 in your textbook.
  • Check out PS #7, posted on main class website.

I'm offering a special service to help prepare for the final exam if you didn't get full credit on a MT#2 question. I will "grade" your corrections for each problem that you want me to in order to make sure you got it right. Please decide which questions you want me to grade. Then you do the problem as if you were handing it in on an exam. After you understand what you did wrong and how to do each problem correctly, please sit down and do the problem with only a formula sheet. Then staple the problems together and submit them to me. You don't need to include the original MT#2. Next Monday please give me these separately from handing in the problem set. I'll "grade" them and hand them back Tuesday.

In Class**
  • Review Midterm #2 - Exam Returned
  • Practice Components
  • Hand in project #1 in final form