PSc-320 Schwartz, Spring 2013 Timeline



Readings, Activities, Homework

Wk 1, 4-1: Cesar Chavez Holiday
Get to know each other,

Energy Flows, Calculations with Units Intro to Energy, and world trends

1a Intro to Energy and Power Flows
1b World Energy Consumption

Wk 2, 4-8: Activity: Make Calorimeter, Before coming to activity, please see: 3 Heat Flow
1) What changes in a substance when it’s heated up?
2) Can you distinguish, describe, and give examples the three different kinds of heat transfer?
3) Explain why convection depends on, but is much stronger than conduction
4) Distinguish conductivity from specific heat
5) Recognize and distinguish different kinds of light besides visible light,
6) What is thermal (blackbody) radiation, and how does the amount and wavelength of radiation depend on temperature and the surface
Happiness Consumption and Equity. Consumer
HW #1 Due
China Happiness LATimes
Rosling Statistics Poverty
2a Happiness Wealth Energy
2b Happiness Wealth Energy
Wealth Equity in USA, Bill Moyers
1) Why should happiness be coupled to CO2 emissions?
2) Why is this largely not true in the USA?, what are other things that make this untrue?
3) How can we future “decouple” happiness from CO2 emissions using technology? Using Societal Restructuring?
4) How do you feel about the wealth distribution in the USA? Were you surprised? Do you think that the world wide wealth distribution is more equitable, or more disparate?
Combustion, Efficiency
Animated Engines Activity (on PL)
4a Heat Engines
4b Combustion

1) What are the energy flows of a heat engine? What is the form of input energy and work, what are the outputs?
2) Repeat the above for every form of heat engine you encounter: Otto cycle (reciprocating engine), Brayton and Rankin turbines
3) Combined Cycle: How does this optimize strengths of the Brayton and Rankin? What is the advantage of the CC? Disadvantage?
4) What are the environmental, safety and environmental justice ramifications of the different cycles?
5) What are the inputs and outputs of combustion?
6) What is carbon (and CO2) intensities of fuels? Be able to rank the carbon intensities of the different fuels.

Wk 3, 4-15:Activity: Heat Engines, Before coming to activity, please see: 4c Efficiency of Energy Conversion
HW #2 Due
6 Electricity Generation
7 Electrical Transmission
The electrical grid
8 Electrical Grid Development

Wk 4, 4-22: Electricity: Transmission, Motors, Generators, Transformers
Energy Markets, Cal Energy Crisis, Smart Grid
HW #3 Due
9a Electricity Markets
9b California Energy Crisis and the Smart Grid
Peak Oil
Read Times Article about Tight Oil (on PL)
Read National Geographic Article about Fracking
10a Peak Oil
10b Peak Oil Response

Wk 5, 4-29:Tour of Cal Poly Cogen in PCV, EPA caps Fracking Emissions NYTimes,
Nuclear Energy
HW #4 Due
First Nuclear Reactor Approved in USA
11a Nuclear Energy Technology
11b Nuclear Energy: Fusion
Nuclear Concerns
Kammen on Life Cycle Costs of Nuclear NYTimes Yucca
Yucca Mt. Repository Wikipedia
11c Nuclear Energy Safety
11d Nuclear Waste and Cost of Nuclear

Wk 6, 5-6: Using Electric Circuits, measuring current, voltage, Power
HW #5 due on Monday (Last Year’s Midterm!)

The Simon Ehrlich Wager
Clean Air Act and California Exemption
## The Story of Stuff Video
Possible future video on pollution

Wk 7, 5-13:M: Meet at 1441 Iris St. Pete’s House, Before coming, please see video: 16e Permaculture and Pete's House
Climate Change: Science

Midterm Corrections Due
[[PSc-320%20Spring%202013/Administrative/Greenhouse%20Gasses%20Wikipedia敗⁢楌歮⹳潤%0C|Greenhouse Gasses Wikipedia]]
Global Warming Wikipedia
Climate Change Wikipedia
12a Climate Change: Causes
12b Climate Change: Consequences
Climate Change: Society
Intergovernmental Panel on CC Wikipedia
[[PSc-320%20Spring%202013/Administrative/Climate%20Change%20Denial%20NYTimes|Climate Change Denial NYTimes]]
Climate Change Denial Wikipedia
Stern Report Executive Summary
BEST Analysis LATimes
Bloomberg, experts conflict
13a Climate Change: Human Response
13b Climate Change: Related Policy

Wk 8, 5-20:Visit Thermal Storage Device
finances and CO2 reduction
HW #6 Due
Australian External Cost Tax
14 Energy Finances
15a Conservation and Carbon Abatement
San Pablo, and Efficiency
Kammen, Casillas CO2 Abatement Nicaragua
Rosenfeld Efficiency LATimes
15b Cost of Efficiency for San Pablo, Tacaná
16a Efficiency End Use Improvements

Wk 9, 5-27: Memorial Day, Holiday
HW #7 Due Activity on Monday’s schedule: Lighting, Required
Reading: Jevon’s Paradox (on PL), and
Helicopter Teddy Bear Date Washington Post
16b Efficiency in Lighting
16c Efficiency in Heat Pumps, Refrigeration
16d Cool Roofs, Conclusion to Jevon's Paradox
Solar Energy

18a Solar Energy
18b solar energy

Wk 10, Low E Glass, Infrared camera, surfaces
HW #8 Due
Biofuels versus Guatemala Food NYTimes
20a Transportation
20b Transportation
Wind Power and LCA
Sci. Am (Coal), wikipedia cap and trade.
Paper versus Plastic bags versus content
17 Life Cycle Analysis and Biofuels
19 Wind Power